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Welcome to EPC 2014

This is the scientific programme website for the European Population Conference (EPC 2014) held in Budapest, Hungary, 25-28 June, 2014. Follow the links in the menubar at the top to browse the program by topic, by day and time, or by participant, with access to all the sessions, abstracts, and papers where available.

EAPS Council and
International Organising Committee:

Francesco Billari, President
Anna Cabré, Vice President
Marc Luy, Secretary-General and Treasurer
Clara Mulder, Member
Zsolt Speder, Member
Nico van Nimwegen, Executive Director

National Executive Committee:

Zsolt Spéder, Head of Committee
Balázs Kapitány
Péter Ori
Marietta Pongrácz
Lívia Murinkó, Conference Coordinator

Local website: epc2014.hu