The internal geographical mobility of Latin Americans in Spain, in times of economic crisis

Doris Cristina Quintero Lesmes, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

An analysis of the evolution of spatial patterns of internal migration of Latin Americans in Spain between 1998 and 2012 from the Residential Variation Statistics (E.V.R.) and the Municipal Register. The aim of this paper is to present changes during these years and the effect that has produced the economic crisis. In this sense, I propose an approach to analyzing migration flows before and after the economic crisis, the effect produced on geographic patterns and internal migration covering the entire Spanish territory. The first part of the article shows the results from a descriptive statistical analysis allows you to see the changes in the two types of flows (intra and inter provincial). The second part delves into the study of the results by determining the effect on the distance and the spatial focus (spatial focus). These two analyzes allowed to determine the course of internal migration and intensity of flows of Latin Americans in Spain. Keywords: Internal migration, Latin American, foreign population, spatial distribution, Spain.

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Presented in Session 79: Economic context and internal migration in Europe