Thursday, June 26 / 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM   •   Lecture Room 326

Session 42:
Economic crisis, uncertainty and fertility

Chair: Norbert F. Schneider, Federal Institute for Population Research, Germany

  1. Contingent work rising: implications for the timing of marriage in JapanMartin Piotrowski, University of Oklahoma ; Arne Kalleberg, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ; Ronald R. Rindfuss, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and East-West Center

  2. Postponement and recuperation of first births in Europe: the effect of economic and institutional contexts over the life courseKarel Neels, Universiteit Antwerpen ; Jonas Wood, Universiteit Antwerpen ; Tine Kil, Universiteit Antwerpen

  3. The stability of early partnerships: what is the influence of labor market insecurity on union separation for younger cohorts in Germany?Cordula D. Zabel, Institute for Employment Research (IAB) ; Valerie Heintz-Martin, German Youth Institute

  4. The effect of the business cycle at college graduation on fertilityKatrin Hohmeyer, Institute for Employment Research (IAB) ; Barbara Hofmann, University of Mannheim and Institute for Employment Research (IAB)

  5. Women’s educational attainment and the transition to first marriage in three East Asian countriesGuilherme Chihaya, Umeå University

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