Human capital of different age groups in the ageing society

Oksana Noyanzina, Altai State University
Svetlana Maximova, Altai State University
Natalya Goncharova, Altai State University

Russia nowadays faces new transformations and tendencies of development of social phenomenon and processes. One of such tendencies is the “ageing” of population, that influence the functioning and development of society and determining it’s content and potential. All these require from social science, social policy and social practice adequate measures for comprehensive study of this process, its prevention and compensating. In these conditions ordinary people should find a way how to live in transforming society and have a notion about the own changing role because of the new threats for demographic structure of society. In 2012 - 2013 scientific group of the Altai State University realized a complex sociological study of demographic security in bordering regions of Russia in the context of growing demographic, migration and ageing threats to society. In a result of analysis of data of semi-structured interviewing expert representations about new social role of different age groups in the ageing society were obtained. Experts – representatives of executive and legislative bodies, scientific and pedagogic community, local authorities and non commercial organizations – determined new social positions for elderly, middle age people and the youth. By their opinion the transformation of current social functions of all age groups should partly prevent social, economic and political risks of worsening demography of the ageing society.

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